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Jacques Setton
WayCast Development Company

58 Rue Albert  -  75013 PARIS
    Tél : +33 (0)9 61 23 08 78
             Email :

Company Ltd with a capital of 100 000 €  -  RCS Paris  -  NAF Code 7022Z

Co-founder & past President of CICF Informatique(1) Professional Society


About the Founder

Professional Career

Jacques Setton acquired a broad technical and commercial experience built over thirty year in the High-Tech industry addressing innovative fields like Biomedical Electronics, Artificial Intelligence, Unified Messaging, Telecommunications, Voice & Data Convergence and Internet Portals.

After a long career spent with major multi-national corporations (Thomson Medical, Delalande Research, Digital Equipment Corp. and Lucent Technologies), Jacques founded in 2003 his own consulting company ?WayCast Development ?whose objective is to assist enterprises study and deploy innovative information technology solutions.

Jacques has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of Technology of Israel (equivalent to MIT) and a Master of Science in Bio-electronics & Computing from the California State University in Sacramento (USA). He later-on followed an Executive MBA curriculum in Paris and completed a course in Small Enterprise Management at the CRC Institute (HEC Group).

In 2005 Jacques was certified in Electronic Document & Enterprise Content Management (ECM) by the University of Angers, in partnership with the SERDA Group. Finally, in 2013 he obtained an international certification on "Cloud Essentials" with CompTIA(2), covering related governance and technical architecture issues.

Acquired Skills

-    Business development, opportunity analysis, project management, partner coordination and solution roll-out in the areas of unified telecoms, enterprise content management, on-line services portals and virtualized Clouds.

-     Multi-domain distributed team building and coordination in complex and highly dynamic environments.


About the Company

Expertise Domains

WayCast Development helps enterprises analyze, specify, select and roll-out productivity solutions based on innovative Web 2.0+ technologies, mainly deployed in appropriate Cloud Computing environments and addressing the following areas :

-     Collaborative Working and Social Networking,

-     Enterprise Content & Process Management,

-     Public Markets Virtualization.

The name ‘WayCast’ means literally "casting a way" (or route) leading to the successful deployment of innovative solutions to help enterprises improve their operational efficiency and market competitiveness.

Focus Activities

WayCast Development delivers its consulting missions to SME's and public institutions. The targeted market sector concerns mainly ‘Service Delivery to Professionals and Enterprises’, including Business Centers, Skills & Career Management, Legal & Accounting Management, Insurance & Finance, Real Estate Management, etc.

The Cloud-based solutions implementation are carried out in close cooperation with leading technology suppliers and/or organizational change management experts, to better satisfy the customers' strategic business objectives and critical needs.

Contribution Areas

-     Analysis : opportunity assessment, status auditing, recommendation, requirement specifications production.

-     Implementation : tendering, project management, application configuration setup, change management.

-     Operation : end-user training, operations support, return on investment assessment.


  (1) CICF - French Professional Chamber of Engineering & Consulting (became CINOV since Nov. 2012)
  (2) CompTIA - Computing Technology Industry Association

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